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Q:  How are the Domed Labels supplied?
A: Our Dome Labels are supplied on sheets A4 – A3 size dependant on the size of label. We can supply Dome Labels cut in singles at your request but there is an added cost for this. Please enquire.

Q: How sticky is the adhesive on your Dome Labels?
A: As standard we supply our Dome Labels with a Permanent Adhesive. We can also supply Dome Labels with ExtraTac, 3M 467 & 468 options at an extra cost. Please enquire.

Q: What is the minimum and maximum size for a Domed Label?
A: Minimum size: 5 x 5mm, Maximum size: 350 x 350mm. Rectangular, square or irregular shape Dome Labels must have a radius at corners etc. min. 1mm.

Q: Can you supply Dome Labels cut to irregular shapes?
A: YES. Our CNC Doming equipment is made for this purpose.
Q: Do you offer metallic background options?
A: YES. We can supply Dome Labels with gloss, matt & brushed silver.

Q: Is your Doming Resin scratch-proof & weather resistant?
A: YES. Our Doming Resin is a scratch-proof, UV resistant and non yellowing exterior grade.

Q: How thick is your Domed Resin coating?
A: Generally our resin coating is approx. 1.5mm thick, although this can depend on the complexity of the shape.

Q: Is your Doming Resin Mercury Free?
A: YES. It is the law!

Q: Do you supply a digital proof prior to printing?
A: YES. Once we have received your artwork files and contact information we will send a PDF proof layout.

Q: How do you print the labels?
A: We print all of our custom sticker and label products using high resolution digital printing machines. Our printing machines print CMYK inks as well as matt Metallic Silver & Opaque White Eco Inks.

Q: Can you print and supply different designs on the same sheet?
A: YES. We can supply different designs on a sheet provided the print substrate is the same for all designs.

Q: How do you prefer my artwork to be supplied?
A: Our preferred file formats are .pdf .ai .eps. .cdr .jpg .jpeg & .TIFF. Bitmap images should be a minimum of 300 dpi and 200% of actual print size for best results. Fonts: Fonts should always be outlined.

Q: Are there any SET UP or Origination Fees?
A: NO. At Rand Markings we have no hidden fees. All you pay is the cost of the product, delivery and VAT on the total.We will inform you if the Print & Doming requirement exceeds normal pricing criteria ie. special adhesive required

Q: Are there any issues I should be aware of to avoid disappointment?
A: Digital Print technology is great saving time and money passed on to the customer, but it does have its limitations. Trying to squeeze in too much information in the form of small text should be avoided. As a rule we try to avoid fonts smaller than 8pt. The best fonts for print reproduction are sans serif fonts.

There are many Pantone® colours that cannot be accurately matched using CMYK colours.
If you use a Pantone® colour that cannot be matched it will be converted to the closest CMYK colour available.
If printing on a vinyl other than white, the colour or effect of the vinyl may affect the final printed colour. Some colours such as light reds and oranges can cause a slight "pinking” of the background if it is white.
This is due to the lensing effect and magnification of the resin dome.
Printing a stronger colour or a pale off white for the background can ameliorate this issue.
Adhesive properties: Please always check that the correct grade of adhesive is used to suit your application.