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Artwork guidelines for submitting artwork files

For Graphic Designers or enthusiastic amateurs please read the following guidelines to help you to get the best print result for your artwork. If you are having problems with supplying your artwork file please get in touch and we will be pleased to assist you.

File Formats - The types of file we can accept

We can accept logos and designs via email in most formats.
A label that has been designed using a vector based program will give the best results with more control over colours.

The best results are obtained from the following formats:


other common file formats that can be used include:


The file extensions above indicate a bitmap image and should be a minimum of 300dpi and 200% of actual print size for best results.
In the unlikely event that we cannot open a file that is sent we will contact you to discuss your options.

Colours/Colour Matching - Some Tips about colour in Dome Labels

At Rand Markings we print Digital ECO CMYK inks.
For Pantone Colour matching we convert to the nearest CMYK match.

Some Pantones cannot be accurately matched using CMYK colours.
In this instance we will tweak the colours to the best possible result and send you a sample print for approval.

Colours can sometimes be slightly altered with the Doming process due to the lensing effect of the resin dome.
Light greys can lighten and in the case light reds printed on white background a slight "pinking" can occur.
We can take some steps to ameliorate this occasional issue.

We can print metallic matt silver & opaque white.
To print these colours the artwork supplied should be vector artwork to enable editing.

Fonts -The Text and Numerals in your design

To make things easier for the poor graphic designer please convert all text to outlines! (curves if you use coreldraw)
If you require a special typeface please make the font available or if you have the name we will try to find it.

Cut Paths-The part of the artwork file that indicates the cut edge or shape and size of your dome label

We use a specific cut path for our printer cutter RIPs. The cut path is generated as a vector path inside the graphic program.
For most designs rectangle, oval circular etc. we can generate this very easily.

For designs that are complex shapes we will need to draw a cut path to suit, depending on the complexity of the drawing and time taken there may be a small additional charge for this, but we will let you know at the outset.

All Dome Labels need a radius at the corners or a smooth flowing edge, this is to allow the resin to flow without spilling over the edge. If you are supply your own artwork and have generated a cut path this should be in vector form and on a separate layer if possible.

Cut Paths for irregular shapes-Where your label is to the shape of a logo or you require doming around openings

All Dome Labels require smooth curved edges to allow the resin to flow to the edge of the label where surface tension holds the resin. For irregular shapes it is important to simplify the cut path incorporating a radius at sharp corners to stop the resin from spilling over

Bleed -The part of the artwork that extends over the cut path

Please allow 1mm colour bleed beyond the cut path, this allows a little tolerance in the production process.

Meniscus -The curved part at the edge of the dome label

It is important not to position your text or logo too close to the edge of your label - allow at least 1mm from the cut path position.
This is because the print image can be distorted and difficult to view if it is lost in the curvature of the resin.

For anything not mentioned or if you are experiencing difficulty’s with your artwork please contact us and we will be pleased to assist.