Dome Labels

Dome Label

If you have a great product and are proud of it, brand it with a Dome Label. Never has it been easier to brand your products in this inexpensive and distinctive manner.

We can manufacture Dome Labels to almost any shape and size without the added expense of tooling, thanks to our expertise in utilising the latest digital printing and manufacturing techniques.

The digital print process allows for lower quantity jobs to be produced very quickly and cost effectively without the need for expensive tooling.

Our Dome Labels can be manufactured using either a flexible or hard resin system. Both systems are UV stable and suitable for exterior applications.

We also offer various adhesive strengths for use depending on the characteristics of the surface you want to adhere to.

Download an information sheet for more in depth information regarding our Print Process and the materials we use here.

Domed Label branding will provide a professional finishing touch to your product.
Click here for examples of General Doming Shapes

The doming process allows for the creation of decorative control panel overlays for use on products as diverse as guitar effects pedals & water vending machines.
Click here for examples of Complex Doming Shapes

Stunning effects are achieved by printing onto metallic substrates using transparent inks. We can manufacture and supply domed labels printed onto mirror & matt metallics.
Click here to see an example of a print onto metallic substrate

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